DREAMING BIG: Stella & Dot chief executive officer Jessica Herrin wants to share a new model for life, and has released a 250-page book highlighting her beliefs and strategies.

Stella & Dot, a crowdsourced jewelry and accessories brand that logged $200 million in sales last year, launched apparel in April and, in the fall, is set to unveil fine jewelry. The company is hoping these initiatives will help it to become a lifestyle brand.

Published by Penguin Random House, “Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms,” is Herrin’s take on how to juggle a career with a personal life.

“My success took about 10 years,” Herrin said during a talk at Shoreditch House in London this week. “It all looks good in the end, but it is one hell of a ride of a lot of zigs and zags and a lot of struggle. I have stumbled on my way to success because that is what it takes. And I do not think there is an exception. It is not logical why your business should work. It is far more logical why it should not. But if you want to create something, you must go beyond reason and pursue it…which is why it has to be passion-driven because if it’s not, you’ll give up. You’ll give up far earlier than it really takes to create something from scratch.”

She described the book as being about professional development. “It’s about confidence, and time management, and goal setting and giving people the will and the fight to go get what they want in life. And that felt like something that is truly [a core] in my passion and our mission. I wanted to do it for men and women, whether it’s someone graduating from university or whether there’s someone inside the community, whether it’s someone who truly wants to start a business or who is really just looking to advance.”

Herrin, a mother of two, is a serial entrepreneur having cofounded Della & James, the online gift registry that merged with Weddingchannel.com in 1999. (Weddingchannel.com was later acquired by The Knot in 2006.) In 2003, she founded Luxe Jewels, the direct-selling accessories brand that would go on to become Stella & Dot.

She launched Stella & Dot to offer women a way to own and manage a business in a flexible way. The brand is sold online and through stylists who promote the brand through social media and sell directly to customers.

She created the Stella & Dot Foundation, which promotes female empowerment and has raised funds to aid breast cancer and autism. She previously cofounded the Weddingchannel.com.

Priced at 14.99, or $19.39, the book will be sold on Amazon.com.