Stella McCartney

IN THE FOREST: Stella McCartney is taking to social media to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia with a campaign called There She Grows. Audience members at the designer’s Paris show on March 4 will be encouraged to take part. They’ll be asked to dedicate a tree and a special message to someone, and then ask another person to do the same.

The campaign has already launched, with McCartney dedicating a tree to her mother Linda and nominating Gwyneth Paltrow to spread the message.

As word spreads, the campaign hopes to drive donations to the nonprofit organization Canopy, which protects endangered forests, and to the Stella McCartney Cares Foundation, which will channel the funds into protecting the Leuser Ecosystem, an area of ancient tropical rain forest that covers more than 6.5 million acres. Its vegetation is an important source of oxygen.

Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Pink and Jimmy Fallon have joined this initiative to promote public awareness around the Leuser Ecosystem. The rainforest is home to 105 mammal species, including rhinos, tigers, elephants and the endangered Sumatran Orangutan, 382 bird species and 8,500 plant species.

“We can all start a challenge to bring awareness to this area in need of protection. Our planet needs us, we need it, and we can have a bit of fun in the process. We will start here and we can all end together in Paris on March 4 with some sustainable fashion to celebrate one voice and one love,” McCartney said.