Stella McCartney and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales in Cornwall during the G7 Summit

LONDON — The Prince of Wales has gathered some of the world’s most powerful chief executive officers to meet with world leaders at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, and call for “coordinated action to tackle climate change.” The group is known as the Coalition of the Willing, which manage a total of $60 trillion.

Representing the fashion industry was Stella McCartney, who was seen with Prince Charles Friday morning, leaving St. James Palace in London and heading to Cornwall. She wore an elegant draped blue midi dress from her own line and chain-embellished, heeled sandals.

“I am honored to represent the fashion industry today, one of the most polluting in the world. My goal is to drive change, encourage investments and create lasting difference through incentives supporting the next generation,” McCartney said.

“I hope the G7 Summit will translate our message into policies bringing us closer to creating a cruelty-free society that is kinder to all creatures, Mother Earth and each other,” she added.

Later in the day, McCartney attended another gathering and was pictured chatting with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a floral-print cape dress made from forest-friendly viscose and matched with her signature vegan leather accessories. The dress was from McCartney’s spring 2021 “A to Z Manifesto” collection, that came with an eco fact sheet, spelling out the brand’s DNA and laying out a roadmap for the future.

Business leaders from institutions including the Bank of America, NatWest, HSBC, AstraZeneca and Heathrow Airport were also present at the event.

This summit marks the first time CEOs had official face-to-face meetings with world leaders to discuss sustainability.

Encouraging collaboration between governments and business has been a priority of the Prince of Wales, who has been gathering the Coalition of the Willing for the last two years and working with them to develop a series of initiatives to tackle climate change.

On Friday, the group presented three key initiatives to global leaders, including plans to drive private financing to sustainability projects; recommendations for potential government policy, and suggestions for coalitions to drive change for some of the world’s most polluting industries, fashion and textiles included.

“We have a potentially game-changing opportunity to drive forward the partnerships between government, business and private sector finance that are absolutely vital if we are to win the battle to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Unless we deploy private sector resource, innovation and finance more effectively, we just don’t stand a chance,” Prince Charles said.

French President Emmanuel Macron supported the prince’s stance.

“Redirecting private finance flows toward sustainable investments is a cornerstone of France’s climate action agenda. I agree with The Prince of Wales: it is urgent we facilitate, accelerate and increase these flows,” said Macron, who attended the G7 Summit in Cornwall with his wife, Brigitte Macron.

Joe and Jill Biden were also in attendance. Jill Biden joined the Duchess of Cambridge at the beginning of the summit, for a tour of a local school and a roundtable discussion.