Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney

DEEP BREATH IN: Her fall runway show in Paris may be just a week away, but Stella McCartney managed to carve out some time to promote one of her great passions: meditation.

On Monday evening, she put fashion on hold to host a book party with her longtime friend Liv Tyler to mark the launch of Bob Roth’s new book, “Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation.”

“Really, I shouldn’t be here at all. Let me meditate my way through that stressful realization,” said McCartney, who hosted the party at Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner.

“I learned to meditate nearly 20 years ago. It’s just helped me, it’s like a little gift that you can carry in your back pocket and it’s your friend in your hour of need. I have a great fondness for Bob Roth as a gentleman, and I love everything the book stands for, and how compact and effortless it is. It appeals to me that it’s a message to help you through life, ” said the designer, who also organizes meditation classes for her team at the office.

“There are so many things that involve so much maintenance and baggage, but this is something personal that you can hold in your heart and you have it everywhere you go,” she added.

The crowd was mixed and included practitioners and educators who use transcendental meditation at their schools.

For his part, Roth said that he wanted to address the increased interest around transcendental meditation and highlight its simplicity through his new book. He also praised his hosts’ generosity: “Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler are such beautiful souls. They are authentic and they give so much back, not only in our industry but in so many other areas.”

Proceeds from book sales will go toward supporting the David Lynch foundation, which helps introduce meditation practices to at-risk populations, including domestic violence survivors.

As reported, McCartney declined to comment on her future with Kering, her 50/50 joint venture partner for the fashion label. Whether she remains with them or decides to go it alone, she’s clearly sanguine about the situation (it must be Roth’s magic). She said she is focused on delivering “a fantastic fall 2018 show in Paris” and that “the only way is up” with regard to the future of her label.

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