Stella McCartney

GREENER PASTURES: Stella McCartney is expanding her nonprofit charity, with Stella McCartney Cares Green, a new platform dedicated to supporting her ongoing sustainability efforts.

The charity, which is registered in the U.K., was launched earlier this year with the Stella McCartney Cares Pink, which focuses on the designer’s efforts to raise awareness around breast cancer.

The Green initiative will build on McCartney’s charitable mission by working toward providing vital information around sustainability and inspiring creatives, students and business leaders to rethink their practices.

Among the key aims of the charity is to raise funds to support lawyers and lobbyists fighting environmental causes and to provide grants to NGOs; educate the new generation of designers and fashion students about working in more environmentally friendly ways, and challenge current educational practices to promote a fundamental shift in attitude on topics such as material innovation, animal welfare and circular economy.

The development of an awards program, as well as an open source online platform where the company can share the knowledge it has acquired through its environmental initiatives and commission new research, are also in the works.

“We are just at the beginning with Stella McCartney Cares and can’t wait to show the world what we are imagining. This new platform will enable me to realize a dream I have had for a long time of creating a true open source and empowering the next generation of designers to bring sustainability values into their practices,” McCartney said.

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