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STELLA STAGE RIGHT: When Paul McCartney spoke of plans to write an original score for the New York City Ballet, his daughter Stella piped up jokingly that she would handle the costumes. By chance, Ballet Master in Chief Peter Martins’ teenage daughter, Talicia, was thinking along those same lines and encouraged her father to line up the fashion designer.

Fresh from seeing the sets and the dancers in her designs during a run-through Tuesday at Lincoln Center — albeit one with prerecorded music — Stella McCartney said, prior to the NYCB, her own immersion in dance consisted of her 4-year-old daughter’s ballet classes. While her father’s music for “Ocean’s Kingdom” has been good to go for a while, McCartney has one more day to make sure her costumes will hold up for innumerable arabesques and grand jetés during Thursday’s premiere. But McCartney is adept at down-to-the-wire fixes. “We’re cutting it fine with the deadline. But for me that’s normal. It’s the nature of my industry,” she said.

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Moonlighting for Adidas has proved invaluable in terms of creating performance-oriented costumes for the ballet dancers. “For me, technically the pieces have to work,” McCartney said. “It’s not only a matter of working with design. The dancers have to be able to leap, twirl and stick a few people in the air.”

More than anything, the designer is excited to be working with her father. “It’s interesting. That’s a funny one for me,” she said. “On one side, I am a daughter working with her father, which is an incredibly remarkable experience in life no matter who your father is. It’s also quite an emotional thing. On another side, I know and understand I am working with Paul McCartney.”

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