STUDIO 54’S DRESS CODE: Andy Cohen will help two Studio 54 regulars — doorman Marc Benecke and Steve Rubell’s assistant Myra Scheer — to unveil the marquee this afternoon above the famed nightclub in time for next week’s one-night-only opening. Benecke and Scheer aren’t the only two behind-the-velvet-rope folks being rounded up by SiriusXM, which launched Studio 54 Radio this summer.

Karin Bacon, who pulled together various parties, vignettes or what Ian Schrager liked to call “hits” — such as a dinner for midgets — has been busy lining up the talent for the Oct. 18 event. She has been poring over Robin Platzer’s old photographs of Halston, Mick Jagger, Mikhail Baryshnikov and other fashionably turned-out revelers at the West 54th Street club. With 30 dancers to dress, Bacon and her costume designer have been digging up pieces designed by Halston and Norma Kamali. (Not to be missed in the crowd, Rubell favored a shiny Kamali sleeping bag coat that was purple on one side and pink on the other, Bacon said.) Stephen Burrows has lent a few keepers from the times as well. At least one dancer will be sporting a pair of Studio 54 jeans that Scheer often wore (no one was certain if they were ever actually sold in stores.)

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“There were The Preppies, The Glams, celebs…but we’re not actually doing look-alikes,” Bacon said of next week’s event. The one exception will be “Rollerina,” a male cross-dressing roller skater who has OK’d a copycat.

Given her former job title, it’s no surprise that Bacon has seen her share of happenings. But in flipping through all those Studio 54 photos, even she has been taken aback by how fashion-minded club goers were. Bacon said, “People dressed for these events. I loved being out at the entrance and watching people come in. They looked so fabulous and ready to participate, as well as dance. They were part of the whole excitement of the evening. That showed in the way they dressed.”

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