ON THE STREETS: The new online shop Super Street is the latest fashion destination to tap into the rising influence of streetwear. Developed by former Satine buyer Lucy Akin with help from design firm Zalmak Creative Group, Super Street has launched with around 20 brands, including Baron Von Fancy, Linda Farrow, Jenni Kayne, Sorelle, Equipment, Benedetta Bruzziches, Kathleen Whitaker, We Are Handsome, Super by Retrosuperfuture and Huf. Super Street will add another five or so designers for pre-fall and another 10 or so for fall, notably Rodarte and Mansur Gavriel. Prices at Super Street range from $4 to almost $1,300.

Akin describes the target customer for the e-tailer as a woman in her 20s and 30s who is “mixing her classic Equipment top with a pair of jean shorts that she might have Jenni Kayne shoes to go with. Then, she has Huf socks. It is about mixing streetwear accessories with the high-end. It is casual, and it is about having fun with fashion.” Although Super Street carries some ready-to-wear, Akin is focusing on accessories and believes that focus will make Super Street stand out from the e-commerce crowds. “For fall, Rodarte did these amazing butterfly print scarves and also hair clips on the runway. A lot of stores don’t end up buying those things because their money goes into ready-to-wear and the special, unique pieces on the runway get lost, so I’m excited about bringing those pieces in the store,” she said.

Super Street shoppers in Los Angeles can get purchases they order by noon delivered to them by 6 p.m., and Super Street is doing on-site pick-up as well. For sound tracks to accompany shopping, Zalmak is producing quarterly mix tapes for Super Street available for free via download.

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