LAND OF THE FREE: With music blaring, drinks being poured and guests dancing in the club vignette at the Susanne Bartsch-designed “LandauLand,” Adrienne Landau explained Tuesday how the whole regalia came together.

Bartsch’s birthday party at MoMA on Halloween gave Landau the idea to shake up her fashion show format. “Everybody was so dressed-up, wearing furs, feathers, just having the best time and they looked gorgeous,” the designer said. “I was thinking of my own show and how the girls just walk out and they don’t have that attitude. So I said, ‘It’s about time to throw on a fur, put on your makeup and have fun.’ We’re having fun and I think that’s so important today.”

Two months in the making, the West 19th Street space seemed more like a club nearing dawn. After helping to hoist a wedding gown-wearing model onto a horse mannequin, Bartsch said the project required “hours of work,” without the slightest trace of irony. “It looks so effortless, but it’s a lot of work to get everybody together, to do the sets, make sure things work, I love it. This has been a lot of fun to do.”

The trickiest part is to keep everybody in place. They’re all running around,” she said. “I don’t really plan so much. I see something and think, ‘Oh this will work with that.’ I create it as I see it. I don’t go out planning to find a horse. I work with what there is. I am very good at working with what there is.”

Love and being together was the theme of the equestrian bride, the future was meant to be relayed by the children playing amidst scantily clad models and spirituality was the message of Egyptian dancers, Bartsch said. Climate change was hinted at via a beach scene and working girls (as in the nocturnal streetwalking kind) were other messages. “This is real life. This is what happens in real life,” Bartsch said. “We have the wedding, we have the children, we have the street art, we have global warming and being worried about the world, the working girls, the club where you can relax and let it all hang out and spirituality.”

Bartsch herself planned to turn in early Tuesday night, since no after party was planned. “I have too much going on. We are at the final stages of my documentary [with Anthony and Alex of No Weather Productions]. We’re going to L.A. now to finish up the music. It should be out in April,” she said. “I’m doing a fashion event in Miami. I still do parties and I want to work on a stage show that keeps on going.”

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