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LORD OF THE RINGS: Although she probably never intended them to be, Zaha Hadid’s jewelry designs for Atelier Swarovski make for a great parlor game. “They better come with an instruction manual,” Vogue’s Hamish Bowles declared as he tried to wrench two of Hadid’s jutting, zigzag-shaped rings on his fingers Friday night at Pierre Berge’s Prunier restaurant.


Bruno Frisoni did one better and perched one, Bluetooth-style, on one of his ears, as did The Daily Telegraph’s Hilary Alexander. “Can you hear me?” he asked her, Spock-like.


Alas, architect Hadid was a no-show at her own party, news Nadja Swarovski delivered with a wistful apology. No matter, the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, artist Andreas Gursky and model Anouck Lepère swilled Champagne and talked about their Antwerp connections.


Earlier in the day, Gursky had photographed the Dior and Martin Margiela shows, the latter of which ended with a model, whose dress was connected to the white cotton runway cover, trailing it behind her. “He’s Belgian. Of course, it’s surreal,” said von Furstenberg.




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