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“It’s kind of like art school,” said Ryan Roche, on the terrace of the Gramercy Park Hotel. She and her fellow CFDA nominees for the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent were displaying their objet d’arts commissioned by Swarovski as a one-of-a-kind piece that symbolized disruption. Roche designed a pair of ballet shoes with shards of crystal jutting out from the toe, to symbolize the pain that goes with the beauty of ballet. Shayne Oliver did a giant orange traffic cone decorated with crystals, which was displayed beside Eva Fehren’s crystal cinder block like a bedazzled construction zone installation. Mansur Gavriel designer Rachel Mansur described her and her partner Floriana Gavriel’s crystal-studded ceramics as “something very handmade that would contrast with crystals that are very sleek and artificial.” The whole thing was kind of random, but for a good cause. The objects are being auctioned off through Paddle8 to benefit Free Arts NYC.

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