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SWATCH’S NEW FACE: Swatch will launch two new collaborations for its Swatch Art & Fashion Collection, just in time for Baselworld, which kicks off Thursday. The brand has tapped Chinese fashion designer Uma Wang and Japanese artist Hideaki Kawashima to create new watches, which draw inspiration from their work.

Wang’s design, which incorporates embroidered textile, plastic and leather, pays homage to the designer’s love for contrasting textures and materials. Called Pure Fabric, the timepiece combines a beige and black face with a matching embroidered strap that is decorated with the designer’s name. The watch’s dial includes safety pin shaped hands to depict the time.

Kawashima has created two designs that incorporate a female face on the dial that nods to his style of painting. The first watch, called the New Gent Blue Wraith, features a blue printed dial with a blue translucent silicone strap. The second, the New Gent Pink Wraith, is a limited edition model in pink that comes in special packaging. Both collaborations, which retail for $70, are set hit stores in mid-March.

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