Nick Graham introduces his underwear collection in a shark tank in Las Vegas.

Leave it to Nick Graham to come up with a novel way to introduce his new underwear collection.

The designer, who is most famous as the founder of Joe Boxer, took over the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Monday night for what he described as “the big reveal.” Standing in front of a screen that rose slowly behind him, Graham introduced a couple of scuba divers wearing his underwear and hosiery collection as they swam slowly within the shark tank.

“I’ve never done a show quite like this,” said Graham, who has hosted shows on a Virgin Atlantic flight and through a rocket launch in the Nevada desert. “But this is the first underwater show with 50 man-eating sharks.”

The divers, who were protected by chainlink suits over which they wore the underwear and socks, swam in front of the display windows and waved to Graham’s guests for 40 minutes. Maybe the sharks start to get hungry after 45 minutes? Whatever the case, the divers all exited the tank unharmed and Graham can notch another first in his long list of marketing tricks.

The Nick Graham brand also includes tailored clothing, furnishings and accessories.

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