SWITCHING CHANNELS: Fern Mallis is moving her business, “Fern’s Finds,” from QVC to HSN. She will make an appearance on HSN on Oct. 10 from 10 p.m. until midnight.

“The width and breadth [of the collection] will be shown over two hours and I’ll have the ability to talk about it and connect with customers,” said Mallis. The line consists of necklaces, earrings and rings, manufactured in India and China.

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“I have great respect and love for everybody at QVC, but it never got off the ground the way we envisioned it,” said Mallis, on why she’s making the switch. “It’s a bigger collection that needs the time and nurturing.” Mallis will appear on the network several times a year. She said the HSN buyers will see what she brings back, tweak some things and then make more of what she brings back.

“HSN nurtures brands and commits to them,” said Mallis, noting that she plans to expand into tunics and other Indian-inspired things. Mallis has made 35 trips to India during her lifetime. “I fell in love with all things Indian and Asian. I’m a gypsy at heart. It gives me a great excuse to keep shopping while I travel.”