SCHOOL CRAZE: Target is going co-ed in a big way, this back-to-school season. The Minneapolis-based mass retailer will join the campus crowd with a freestanding glass-enclosed live dorm room on five college campuses in August and September. Furnished with Target products, students will receive coupons at the structures. Another b-t-s initiative,, will be like an online “Big Brother” set in dorm rooms furnished with shoppable Target merchandise. From July 15-18, popular YouTube personalities will co-exist, the tableaux vivants broadcast on YouTube. The roommates, who were chosen based on their online reach and appeal to college-aged students, include Chester See, a producer, actor, musician and entrepreneur; Meekakitty (Tessa Violet), a vlogger, guitar-player and music video maker; Magic of Rahat, YouTube’s premier magician and prankster; Brooke “Dodger” Leigh, a gamer and DIY “nerd-craft”-obsessive, and Clothes Encounters (Jenn Im), whose passion for fashion and self-expression led to a vlog of style musings, tutorials and lifestyle advice. Shoppers can interact with the roommates, who will be gathered in the communal longe when not hanging out in their own rooms. Target’s C9 athletic wear brand will be hosting yoga classes in the lounge and Ben & Jerry’s built a milkshake dunk tank. Target will also sponsor after-hours shopping events for incoming freshmen at select colleges and universities across the country. During August and September, about 90,000 students will be conveyed by bus from their campus to Target stores for entertainment, offers and shopping.

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