TATTOO SHOE: Centipedes may have 100 legs, but only one boot — Dr. Martens. At least as far as graphic designer and tattoo artist Philippe Fernandez is concerned. The Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist was chosen to customize a pair of boots for Dr Martens Germany, to kick off the brand’s new Facebook app Design A Boot, part of the ongoing Stand for Something campaign, which has also included a concert series.  Footwear fans can upload pictures, drawings or other art to design their own customized boot.  Selected submissions, two per participating country, will be produced as one-offs for the winners.    

In Berlin, guests from the city’s fashion, arts and tattoo scene gathered Friday night at tattoo and art collective AKA Berlin to get a look at Fernandez’s design.  He chose to sketch an Escolopendra, a giant centipede that grows almost two feet long, and is known for its aggression and venom.  The tough creature is a good match for the sturdy lace-up boot, but Fernandez said he was inspired by the visual not the virulence of his model.  “I looked at it like the shoe was a body, so I tried to fit the design to the shape of the shoe,” he said.

Fernandez’s finished boot was not to be seen on-site; the custom piece is still in production. However, there was an array of new DM models on hand, including the Pascal boot and low-cut lace up shoe in Skins Tattoo, the latest of Dr. Martens’ ink-inspired prints.  This one was a bit more cuddly than Fernandez’s, with a multi-colored pattern featuring drawings of a bulldog, a swallow brandishing hair clippers, and a bloom-bedecked Dr. Martens boot, among other bittersweet motifs of the street.

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