SCREEN PLAY: The blogger-turned-actress Tavi Gevinson might be more of a typical teen than previously thought. A media query sent to what was said to be her email was returned with, “This is Tavi’s father. Please let me know what’s on your mind.” And as it turned out like other Generation Me-ers, “Tavi’s too busy to talk, but here are her responses to your questions,” Steve Gevinson emailed.

On the heels of her first feature film performance in Nicole Holofcener’s “Enough Said,” the high school senior wrote, “It’s better not to talk about upcoming projects yet, but I’ve been very happy to hear positive feedback… I was drawn to [the role of] Chloe for her relationship to her best friend’s mom, her general discomfort and uncertainty.”

As for how she would critique her performance and whether sitting through all those runway shows affected her evaluation, Gevinson said in her email, “Watching myself or the movie never felt like watching a fashion show…but when I was able to detach from it and enjoy the movie I was very giddy about it the way I am with fashion or anything else I love.”

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