HAVING HIGH TEA: with Dita Von Teese can be an earful. The erotic dancer known for her signature moves in a bubbly, oversize Champagne glass says she’s planning to have a baby — in the next year or so. But it won’t be with former French flame Louis-Marie de Castelbajac or one-time husband and rocker Marilyn Manson. She might even go it alone, she said.

“I’ll be doing my ‘Strip, Strip Hooray’ tour in the U.S. followed by Paris and London this year. But I want to spend more time with my personal life in 2015, and plan to be semiretired by then,” revealed Von Teese, 41, whose latest business venture is an exclusive launch of her namesake lingerie with Bloomingdale’s in March.

Asked if she wants a boy or a girl, Von Teese replied: “A boy. Sons are good to their mothers. I’ve known a lot of men with tattoos that say ‘mom.’”

But Von Teese — who was preparing to visit a secret new heartthrob in Chicago — quickly noted, “there’s a possibility I won’t be able to conceive.

“I’ve never tried to become pregnant and have never been pregnant, so I don’t know what will happen….When I was married to Marilyn, we never spoke about having children…I was too busy trying to please everybody…too busy being a sexy bitch. But then I don’t think he could have handled it. He was a drug addict and I would have had to raise a child on my own,” she said.

What about adoption?

“I believe in fate. If it doesn’t happen I’ll just adopt more dogs and cats,” said Von Teese.

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