Temple St. Clair

NEW DOOR: Temple St. Clair is to open her first boutique. Rather than choose New York, the designer has gone the unconventional route — settling upon Florence for her inaugural brick-and-mortar venture.

The store, to be located on the Ponte Vecchio, will measure 250 square feet and is slated to open this summer or early fall.

The designer founded her brand in 1986 in the Italian city, with designs predicated upon artisanal goldsmith techniques.

“This opportunity came to me through my dear artisans in Florence. They introduced me to the Vettori family, a jewelry house established on the Ponte Vecchio for over 80 years. The Vettori and I immediately discovered a shared vision of bringing back the former elegance to the bridge while celebrating the work of the famed goldsmiths of Florence,” St. Clair said of the shop.