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“It’s a new downtown Herrera,” said Emmy Rossum on Monday morning, patiently awaiting Carolina Herrera’s fall collection. The Herrera loyalist had followed the designer down from her show venue of the last few seasons, The Frick Museum, to a space on Little West 12th — a fact she seemed certain would be reflected in the designs. “I mean, she’s quintessentially New York, so uptown, downtown, doesn’t really matter.”

Rossum was joined by Karolina Kurkova, Hilary Rhoda, Nicky Hilton, Prabal Gurung, Emily Robinson and Skyler Samuels and in addition to pledging her excitement at seeing the new collection, spoke about how the designer is inspiring her in her own career changes.

“I just finished directing an episode of a show for TNT called ‘Animal Kingdom,’ with Ellen Barkin. I go back to my show [‘Shameless’] in the summer; I did a movie for Netflix this summer, it’s called ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture,’ if that’s still the name. It’s a comedy — and I’m working on writing and directing,” Rossum said. “It’s my second time directing and I’m doing another episode of my show this year, and maybe another Showtime show. I really like it. One thing about Mrs. Herrera that I think is so impressive is that she started designing at 40. So to think that I could have a second career in something if I work hard enough and study hard enough and take it seriously, as an auxiliary thing to what I love to do, acting, would be really fun.”

Also squeezing in the show between filming her TV series was Robinson, who departed immediately after to head back to the L.A. set of “Transparent.” “I’m flying back right after this — the car is outside, [leaving] at 10:30 sharp,” she said, before teasing a bit of the hit show’s fourth season. “There has been something out that the writers traveled to Israel, so that’s exciting. I’m not sure what else has been revealed yet,” she said. “I think this is the year where the Pffermens are able to not be so horrible to other people. They’re able to be a bit more actualized as human individuals, which is exciting. Also, we were talking about the SNL spoof on the show, where it basically says we all want to be depressed professors, and this year we’re not as depressed. So that’s good.”

Former “Scream Queens” actress Samuels said she was not at liberty to discuss upcoming projects, but reassured that there are many in the works. In the meantime, fashion week awaits. “Coming to fashion week twice a year is the highlight of my year,” she said. “I have this pause of four days in New York, and then I hit the ground running.”

Hilton, after sitting perched on the front row bench chatting on her cell while photographers looked on, said she plans to stay put in New York for the near future. “I just had a baby so the thought of getting on an airplane with a newborn is not fun. [She’s] seven months, and I’ve only flown with her once, during Christmas,” she said. “I’d like to minimize it. [We went to] visit my family in L.A., and there was a little screaming, vomiting, all that. I’m scared. I had no idea the kit you have to bring – strollers, car seats, bottles, bottle warmers, diaper bags. She packs more than me.”

Standing out in the crowd of actresses was Gurung, who only hours before had been showing – and toasting – his own fall collection. So what brought him out bright and early? “Mrs. Herrera is my mentor, because I was one of the Vogue/CFDA fashion fund winners and she became my mentor and was one of the instrumental crucial people who changed the course of my business,” he said. “The least I can do is come and show support.”

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