Happy Noise x Levi's.

The Bloomingdale’s women’s denim floor has been infused with new energy.

Gearing up for the holiday season, Levi’s has partnered with Happy Noise to open customization tailor shops at Bloomingdale’s. The shop has launched on the denim floor at the 59th Street flagship, with a national rollout of the collaboration to follow. Customization options will include digital embroidery and heat transfers using zodiac and colorful crystal imagery created by Happy Noise, which launched as a metaphysical digital sticker company (think crystals, sage, etc.) before expanding into retail through Urban Outfitters and now the Levi’s collaboration.

To kick off the shop, the company enlisted the help of a modern-day witch slash digital influencer. The Hoodwitch, aka Bri Luna, will be offering public tarot card readings during the launch event today from 6 to 8 p.m. The Seattle-based Luna landed in New York earlier this month for Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms installation, where her crystal cave was a particularly popular stop, and will next head to Chicago for a sound bowl event with digital publication Altas Obscura. WWD caught up with The Hoodwitch ahead of the launch event.

Name: Bri Luna, aka The Hoodwitch
Instagram handle: @thehoodwitch
Followers: 321k

Why crystals are having a moment: “It’s not new, it’s just that now I feel people are more open, because old ways are not working anymore. And these very patriarchal ways of thinking and how we’re living — it’s not sustainable anymore. People want to have freedom, they want to be empowered, and they want ways to heal and to help themselves. And I think once you get back to your own essence and living really with the cycles of nature, and even just making time for self and meditation — even for five minutes, detaching from all of the chaos — these are all just tools. All of these things are just part of our own development.”

Finding her vintage tarot card deck: “I found this deck at a very old oddities stores in Seattle, and my friend owned it. They had so many cool, antique spirit boards. So I saw this deck and I was just like, I really love this deck. And it’s just been so dear to me. I have over 200 tarot cards. I have an attachment to them all for different reasons, and this one is just something — I hold it very dear to me. I love it, almost like this emotional attachment to having your cards with you.”

Working with Happy Noise and other brand partnerships: “I’m really excited for Happy Noise to do their thing with Levi’s. I very rarely do tarot readings in public events, so this is a really special thing. I’m very behind the scenes; I do tarot pulls for my own brand, my own site, and I like to teach people. I teach workshops and teach intuitive tarot, and just learning the history of the tarot, and so that’s one facet of my business. But it’s more so education and demystifying these ideas of what witchcraft looks like, or what spirituality looks like. And my biggest thing is for people to feel empowered with learning how to work with the tarot or healing with crystals, or meditation, and just getting comfortable to these concepts. Because they’re not new, they’re ancient.”

The power of being a visual storyteller: “There’s so much anxiety [in our culture]. I share meditations and affirmation, and I love art. It all blends in together where I take art and visual storytelling. I love finding pieces of artwork that will speak to a topic that I want to discuss.”

Being a modern-day witch: “My brand, my business, has really been the door for so many people. We have a really large platform with social media, and with me really giving people a different perspective of what being a witch in 2018 looks like. Reclaiming, even saying, that word out loud. Especially being a woman of color, to say that, people are, like, ‘What? This is crazy.’ No, but this has been in my family for a long time. Both of my grandmothers were healers…having both of those parts of my family and having that energy and having that in my blood, it’s undeniable.”

Happy Noise x Levi’s.  Courtesy

Happy Noise x Levi’s. 

Happy Noise x Levi’s. 

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