Backstage at Fendi Men's Spring 2020

GREEN SHOOTS: What do you call Luca Guadagnino? It’s a difficult one, because the Sicilian director, producer, interior designer, entrepreneur and creative force juggles multiple projects, the latest of which is a collaboration with Silvia Fendi on the brand’s spring 2020 men’s collection.

Working on an iPad, Guadagnino created the collection’s botanical prints in between takes on his latest film “Suspiria.” He didn’t think much of them at first. In fact, he initially thought they were “stupid.” But Fendi loved the shadowy flowers, pixellated shapes and deep green leaves, using them as the centerpiece of her brand’s delightful, garden-inspired collection in Milan.

With that collection now in the books, the director of films including “I Am Love” and “Call Me by Your Name” is moving on to a range of projects including the interiors of the soon-to-open Aesop skin-care store in London’s Piccadilly, and of a few private homes, too, through his firm Studio Luca Guadagnino.

He’s also begun work on a new TV series for HBO, which is called “We Are Who We Are,” which he’ll start shooting at the end of July, after photographing the Fendi ad campaign. Guadagnino, who was dressed Monday in a green trellis weave cardigan from the new collection, said the series is set on an American military base in Italy “and it’s about, you know, family. I love to talk about families.”

Fendi, too, has some projects up her sleeve – most immediately a couture show in Rome on July 4, a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. Asked whether the gardening theme would carry into couture, Fendi said it would. “I think there’s going to be a link. Of course, it’s part of a cycle, you work on a collection and then there’s no stopping it coming through in a different way. There will be an echo of this collection there.”