The Only agency opens London office

Management company The Only Agency has opened a London office to expand its presence from New York and L.A. to Europe. The agency, which represents hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion stylists, has a roster that includes Law Roach, Maeve Reilly, Erica Cloud, Cristina Ehrlich, B Akerlund, Fabio Immediato, Joey Maalouf and more.

“Working with such a vast group of celebrity talent and visionaries, The Only Agency has always had an international presence. Thus, it was only a matter of time that we established a global home base for our talent and expanded our brand internationally,” said founder Kent Belden. “When deciding where this expansion would take place, London immediately came to mind as one of the top fashion and media hubs of Europe. In addition to London being an incubator to some of the most inspiring talent in the world, the combination of London’s proximity/accessibility to the crux of the European market, it’s lively energy, and creative nature, made opening an office there the logical next step.”

The office has four full-time team members, and talent is already working with celebrities including Maisie Williams and the Spice Girls.

“To navigate that complex intersection where two industries, fashion and entertainment, cross over takes acumen, rigorous knowledge and experience. It is underserved in London from a talent management standpoint, especially as the volume of work in entertainment in London is ever expanding,” said The Only Agency stylist Mary Fellowes, who works with Olivia Coleman.

“The Only brings something new and exciting to London that was so needed,” added Kirsty Stewart, who styles Pixie Lot, Patricia Manfield and others.

Belden hopes to expand the office in the coming months to include wardrobing options as well. “It is extremely important that our U.S. and U.K. stylists have easy access to the best, most original designers out there, hence, I am hopeful that our sister company, VIP showroom The Residency Experience, will be joining us in London soon,” Belden said.

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