The Wall Group magazine

The Wall Group has produced a digital magazine, out today.

The global agency, which represents the industry’s leading fashion and beauty creators, tapped into its in-house talent for the free publication, called Inside/Outside. The project is a reflection of the climate this year with the coronavirus pandemic, featuring home diaries from the likes of stylist Yashua Simmons and makeup artist Bo Champagne, recipes from creator Margaret Zhang and FaceTime shoots with IMG Models.

Stylist Chloe Hartstein used the opportunity to spotlight Black Lives Matter activists Qween Jean and Vidal Guzman.

“When The Wall Group first approached me about contributing to their new magazine, it was very clear to me that I wanted to share this platform with people who have inspired me and challenged my thinking in the past few months, and who don’t necessarily get a huge platform to amplify their voices,” Hartstein said. “As hard as 2020 has been, I feel so thankful for the incredible humans I’ve met through the [Black Lives Matter] movement, who’ve shared their stories, and made all of us better people through the process. It felt right to share my new family with my Wall Group family.”

Inside/Outside, available at, was done remotely by The Wall Group’s digital team, led by creative director Erin Dennison. The work was a collaborative effort with nothing commissioned, said the agency. They expect to produce more issues.

Inside/Outside The Wall Group magazine

The first issue of Inside/Outside is free and available today.  Courtesy/Sasha Samsonova

“As we reflected on the extraordinary events of 2020 and their profound impact on our lives, we felt compelled to capture and memorialize the diverse perspectives and experiences that have shaped our understanding of this watershed moment,” founder and chief executive officer Brooke Wall told WWD in a statement.

Wall created the agency in 2000. In 2015, it was acquired by Endeavor, formerly WME-IMG.

“I am proud of our artists and our team, who have come together to create a body of work that beautifully encapsulates the myriad emotions of this year, showcasing not only their creativity but their support of one another through this challenging time,” she continued. “Our hope is that Inside/Outside will not only capture the 2020 zeitgeist, but remind our fashion community that we can and will get through this together.”