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ALL THE GIRLS: At Theia, the bridal and eveningwear brand led by creative director Don O’Neill since 2009, the decision to launch a bridesmaids collection was inspired by consumer demand. “We always get e-mails or Instagram messages from brides thanking us about how great they felt in their dress. It’s really rewarding,” said O’Neill. “A few of them mentioned, ‘How amazing would it be if my whole bridal party could’ve worn Theia?’” After fielding more requests from clients, the company started conceiving the line about eight months ago.

The debut bridesmaids collection will include 12 styles, available in tulle, chiffon, lace and sequins, with Theia signatures such as slim silhouettes, cowl backs, embroidery and beading. “Our Theia bride is a niche customer. We’re not a traditional bridal house per se,” said O’Neill. “We appeal to a younger girl with a more modern feel, who doesn’t want a huge gown….We sit somewhere in between boho and traditional. A lot of our brides are getting married in SoHo lofts, at the Brooklyn winery, or at various destinations. They’re cool brides, and we wanted to make bridesmaids dresses that would go with the cool girl’s best friends.” The collection, launching for spring 2017 and priced from $260 to $290, will hit bridal and specialty stores this June.