ALL GONE: Kate Rothschild, a socialite, London-based music producer and member of the Rothschild banking clan, made the front page of London’s Evening Standard newspaper on Wednesday with the exclusive news that she’d been robbed of 500,000 pounds worth of jewels.

According to the paper, Rothschild returned to her home in the affluent London suburb of Barnes late Thursday night to find that thieves had made off with all of her jewelry, including wedding and engagement rings from her marriage to Ben Goldsmith, youngest son of the late Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Goldsmith.

Rothschild and Goldsmith, who are now divorced, have three children, two of whom were sleeping — along with the babysitter and the family dog — when the robbery took place. The Standard said the thieves scaled a wall, climbed through Rothschild’s bedroom window and made off with her Thomas Goode jewelry box, which also contained family heirlooms and sentimental items.

“They took every single thing of value Kate has, her wedding ring, engagement ring, everything I gave her during our marriage, special things from when she was a teenager, things from her father and her grandmother,” Goldsmith told the paper. He also promised a reward to “anyone with useful information.”

The paper said no arrests have been made and appealed to anyone with information.

Rothschild is the daughter of the late banker Amschel Rothschild and Anita Patience Guinness. Her sister Alice Rothschild is married to the politician Zac Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith’s older brother and a former candidate for London mayor. Rothschild’s brother James is married to Nicky Hilton.