Thom Browne will be outfitting the FC Barcelona soccer club.

FC Barcelona will be getting a fashion upgrade.

On Tuesday, the soccer club said it inked a three-year partnership deal with Thom Browne to become the official provider of the team’s off-field tailored and formalwear uniforms beginning with the 2018/2019 season. They will wear Thom Browne during the Champions League and La Liga away matches.

Rodrigo Bazan, chief executive officer of Thom Browne, said the deal marks the first time a luxury brand has partnered with the Spanish soccer club. “After a very unexpected phone call from the club, we realized our core principles and values were completely aligned, which made us believe we could do something truly special together. Since the beginning, all discussions were completely organic, thanks to FC Barcelona’s decision to prioritize the image of the team and its players.”

Browne said he was “excited to be associated and work with the best athletes in the world, especially athletes that share similar values to Thom Browne. The uniforms represent the confidence in showing true individuality and enforce the meaning of representing a team as one strong unit. I have always felt that world-class athletes are the best role models and truly inspiring. The image of the players in the uniforms show true confidence and individuality that will inspire the youth of today.”

Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona, said, “It is an honor for FC Barcelona to be associated with such a prestigious and widely recognized brand like Thom Browne. This partnership means that our players will continue to be influential both on and off the pitch.”

Browne has been heightening his exposure with sports teams of late. During the NBA playoffs, he worked with LeBron James to outfit the Cleveland Cavaliers in matching suits.

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