Donna Kang, Alan-Eckstein and Timo Weiland.

NO RESERVATIONS: The Timo brand won’t be showing, during New York Fashion Week as it reboot its site to focus on direct-to-consumer sales in May or June. “It’s the most profitable area of our business so we have really homed in our vision for the men’s and women’s. We’re focused on what does well, which is a really tight assortment,” said Weiland, adding there is overlap with the men’s and women’s with bomber jackets and other styles that appeal to both. “There will be more see-now-buy-now with almost monthly drops.”

Weiland and his cofounders Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang have taken more of a lifestyle and branding slant as of late. As part of the InterContinental Hotel Group’s $200 million Crowne Plaza Accelerate plan that was unveiled last year, Timo Weiland was named the style director of the Crowne Plaza brand for the Americas.

Now the trio behind the New York label are visiting three Crowne Plaza locations in Charlotte, N.C., Seattle and Washington, D.C., to see how their designs hold up during the work day with 600 employees.

Before 30,000 staffers in the Americas start wearing their new uniforms this summer, test runs are underway. Pin-striped aprons of varying lengths and sleeveless dresses are among the styles they have created for an assortment of hotel staff including bellhops, restaurant waiters and concierges. Just back from a few days in Charlotte, Weiland said more than a few employees needed help tying the plum-colored knit tie.

The goal of this week’s visit was to see “the real team members in action and not just the ones who are model-esque, or who we would cast in our show or a campaign. We saw a bellman in his 80s wearing a beautiful peacoat we designed with a vest,” he said.

On-the-road practically every week for the Crowne Plaza project, Weiland will be in San Francisco next week for a potential design collaboration with Zenni Optical, an e-commerce business for affordable eyewear that was launched by two scientists in 2003. In the midst of securing a large-scale partnership that would involve co-branding, Weiland said Zenni runs with practically a tech mentality for a design-meets-function eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

“We’ve learned a lot by working with them and how they built this huge company. Alan, Donna and I have been more closely connected than ever before,” Weiland said. “We’re working with exceptional teams and businesses on design work that we find really interesting. No two days are the same.”

Coffee Lab consultant Claudine DeSola connected Weiland with executives at IHG. Weiland said, “We’ve worked on various things over the years, and we love just working with friends and keeping it all in the family. If you have a positive experience and believe the other person is the right fit, you believe in moving it forward.”

Weiland and Eckstein also continue to DJ as Timo + Aland and their company’s musical interests recently extended to suiting up “The Chainsmokers” with Brooklyn-made customized denim jackets.

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