TITANIC SALE: The disputable silk kimono that was said to have been worn by Lady Duff Gordon when she escaped the Titanic sold Thursday for $75,205. “An anonymous international collector who was very well-versed about the controversy bought it,” said Bobby Livingston, vice president of RR Auction, which conducted the sale of Titanic memorabilia. The item was among the five top sellers, with a letter penned by the ship’s heroic bandleader Wallace Hartley that sold for $154,974 being the standout.

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Livingston said Friday he was not at liberty to say what the buyer’s plans for the kimono are and whether it will be displayed publicly.

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Before the auction, family members of Gordon challenged the Amherst, N.H., auction house’s claim that she wore the garment in a lifeboat after the doomed vessel went down and later aboard the RMS Carpathia. Gordon was an established fashion designer who created collections under the Lucile label.

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