Tod's "Timeless Icons" book

A HELPING HAND: Not only do the likes of Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Mick Jagger perfectly embody the “Timeless Icons” title of the latest Tod’s book, but they also are real “gin and tonic” men, according to Diego Della Valle. During an event to preview the book at the storied Villa Necchi Campiglio, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling, black-and-white photos of the legendary artists, Della Valle, chairman and chief executive officer of Tod’s, said another event during Milan Women’s Fashion Week will officially launch the tome and celebrate the female icons. Della Valle was also keen to discuss the efforts made to build a new factory in Arquata del Tronto, in the Marche region, to support Central Italy’s area, which was hit by a deadly earthquake last August. “The plant will be ready by December,” Della Valle said. “I’ve been on the phone with friends to discuss helping others. We can create so many jobs. We have to set the example and push a bit,” he observed, also noting that several fashion entrepreneurs have invested in the restoration of monuments, following Tod’s sponsorship in the recovery of the Colosseum. “You know, sometimes, you don’t think about these issues because you are running your business, and then you realize that you can do something to change.”