'Nocturnal Animals' Variety Screening Tom Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal Amy Adams

Tom Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams and Aaron Taylor-Johnson convened at the Arclight Hollywood theater on Thursday night for a Variety-sponsored panel discussion after a screening of their film “Nocturnal Animals.”

During the Q&A, Ford said that the Austin Wright novel “Tony and Susan” upon which the film is based “is about finding people in your life that you care about and not letting them go. I’m a very loyal person; I’ve been with the same person for 30 years. In today’s culture we throw things away, and we tend to throw people away and that was the central theme of it.”

'Nocturnal Animals' Variety Screening Tom Ford, Amy Adams Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Tom Ford, Amy Adams and Aaron Taylor-Johnson  Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

When asked if he identified with Adams’ character Susan, he said, “Into the character of Susan I did write a lot of the things that I struggle with in life — the balance of the material world and the spiritual or personal world. I also identified with Jake’s character. I was the kid in Texas growing up who was not great at football and not great with a gun. I was the sensitive one and as you saw in the film, that character is really ultimately the strongest.”

Adams said what drew her to the project were “the themes of the film — the loss of sense of one’s self and the loss of one’s love, of loyalty. There were so many things that I identified with. And I knew I’d get to wear Tom Ford,” she laughed. “He knows I’m being silly. But really, me as styled by Tom Ford is like this idealized version of me that even today is not really me. It’s a fun place to get to visit.”

When moderator Jenelle Riley said that she was inspired to buy Ford’s makeup after seeing the film, he chided, “It’s not supposed to sell makeup.” Perhaps, but that probably won’t stop people from coveting the many beautiful objects in the movie, which hits theaters on Nov. 23.

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