Adidas Superstar

According to Google, your old wardrobe just might be ready for an encore. After comparing online shopping trends in October of last year to October of 2015, Google was able to pinpoint the top items that will likely be trending this holiday shopping season.

The top items through Google shopping search, meaning the search terms that trigger commercial results that aren’t seasonal items, are: adult onesies, Adidas Superstars, Levi’s jeans, Shinola watches and bomber jackets.

More welcome news? It looks like the ugly Christmas sweater is in its twilight. While last year sweaters were trending, this year, the “kitsch partywear of choice,” Google warns, is the holiday onesie.

And, unsurprisingly, ’90s-style pieces are also still going strong. Google reports that search interest in items like bomber jackets, Levi’s, and Adidas Superstars to be more than double compared to last year. Google is also able to break down popular items geographically. In Chicago, for example, interest was higher for Levi’s, while New York focused on the Adidas.

In addition to apparel, Google made predictions on the hot toys of the season. Searches for toy drones were trending (up 80 percent over last year, especially in California) as were hoverboards (up a whopping 500 percent since July). In keeping with the electronics theme, smartwatches and smart TVs topped the last, but so did the nostalgia theme; Polaroid cameras and Fujifilm Instax have been on the rise.

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