COVERAGE FOR CONSUMERS: Topshop has tapped Nick Knight to photograph the British high-street brand’s fall 2016 show. In an effort to give more consumers access, the label will unveil Knight’s images in real-time to the public through Topshop’s Instagram account. From backstage and first looks to the runway show, Knight will have free rein and viewers will experience the show through his documentary-style coverage. Knight’s Showstudio team will broadcast his work live with GoPro cameras and Periscope, a live-streaming application.

To be held at the Duveen Galleries at Tate Britain on Sunday at 2 p.m., the content from the show will be shared with Topshop’s Instagram account, which has amassed 6.2 million followers. The coverage will also be showcased to shoppers at the brand’s Oxford Circus flagship during London Fashion Week in a 3-D window installation created by set designer Thomas Petherick.

“Fashion systems are developing so rapidly, and there are so many new and amazing possibilities,” said Nick Knight. “Showstudio has always championed change and innovation, so the challenge of posting real-time and live-streaming from GoPro straight to Periscope is one we relish. Showstudio was also founded on the principal of championing fashion film and moving image, so we were delighted to accept TopShop’s offer to collaborate on capturing the TopShop Unique Show in the most dynamic way possible.”

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