Looks from Tosia.

TOSIA ENTERS E-COMMERCE WORLD: Women’s ready-to-wear line Tosia has entered the world of e-commerce. According to designer and owner Sara Hankin, her entire fall collection is now available for purchase online. Hankin, who has worked at Zac Posen, Vena Cava, Ralph Lauren’s runway collection and J. Crew before starting her own line, said her company is privately funded.

Hankin, who started her line two years ago, said Tosia is now also available at Assembly and SK Planet.

The average price point is $500, but the range is between $200 and $900. Hankin has shied away from statement pieces, focusing more on core essentials in one’s wardrobe. And she plans on continuing with trunk shows.

“The private trunk shows allow me to meet the women who are wearing the clothes. It gives me a helpful, direct line of contact in how to shape the brand. I also felt that another way to do it is through e-commerce. I have more control when I can [work] directly with the consumer,” Hankin said, adding that she is looking forward to customer feedback from data from the online orders.

Hankin noted that there will be a few products exclusive just to her site. She also said that there’s been increasing “interest on fitted garments that are really comfortable.”