DOING THE LEG WORK: Having helped whip Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and other celebrities into shape, Tracy Anderson is now using her expertise about the female physique to design leggings.

Inspired by her Metamorphosis workout program, the trainer’s signature leggings are being sold exclusively through Edition01. Each of the four styles is designed for a specific body type, with details for added support and comfort. Anderson said, “The women who do my workouts are just as into fashion as anybody else. They are all so different. One size does not fit all. People always ask, ‘Where do you get your leggings?’ The truth is I am always cutting things and having things made for me.”

She also recently gave birth to a daughter, is developing a teen-friendly workout, introducing a nine-month regime for pregnant women, will host detox weeks in select locations and is opening more studios. But Anderson said her workout wear tip never changes. “I always preach, ‘Don’t do my workouts in the sweats you slept in the night before or the ones that your baby spit up on. It’s really good to get suited up to get motivated.’”

Post-exercise, Anderson likes to wear Azzedine Alaia and Isabel Marant And she can always count on Paltrow for fashion advice. “What I really love about Gwyneth is she will tell me if something I wore was awful. She will say to me, ‘That was not a good look,’” Anderson said.

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