TRAVEL ADVISORY: Those in search of a lively traveling companion should consider Giorgio Moroder, the prolific music producer behind many hits, including much of Donna Summer’s career. On Thursday, Moroder discussed his travel preferences with Louis Vuitton men’s studio and style director Kim Jones and photographer Daniela Federici at Vuitton’s Greene Street boutique. If Jones and Federici stressed the importance of adventurous and spiritual journeys, Moroder prefers a decidedly more materialistic approach in his travels. “The important thing is to see, to look, the people you meet,” Moroder, who hails from South Tyrol, Italy, said. “I try to eat spaghetti everywhere in the world.

“I like to fly first class, stay in a five-star hotel and have good sushi,” he added.

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He has no qualms nixing travel plans if the right amenities aren’t available. “I too would love to go to exotic places like Easter Island, but if there isn’t a five-star hotel, I don’t go,” he said. “I went camping once in my life.”

Just as enlightening were his memories of disco diva Summer and the genesis of the hit, “Love to Love You Baby.” “We did a test play of the song,” Moroder recalled. “They were all happy but thought she should moan more. I said [to Summer], ‘Let’s hear it.’ Nothing happened. I said ‘Everybody get out.’ I took the light down and here she was. She started to moan for 10 minutes and we cut it down to 17 minutes.” The talk was moderated by Condé Nast Traveler’s Mark Connolly.