Triumph campaign

There are many reasons why the fashion industry is being targeted because of its negative impact on the environment, but there are also many positive initiatives to help reduce such impact and the industry is responding to the ever-growing green demand.

In sync with this movement, global lingerie brand Triumph announced today a new European sustainable campaign “Together We Recycle” prompting customers to give new life to the clothes that they no longer use and get a 10 euro discount coupon in exchange, usable for the purchase of a new Triumph bra.

The campaign will run throughout the month of September and across Europe. There will be more than 5,000 stores between flagships and multibrand retailers that will adhere to the initiative, receiving clothing of any brand from the underwear, homewear, swimwear and sportswear clothing segments.

To carry out this project of circular economy, the 130-year-old lingerie brand teamed up with Texaid, a European organization dedicated to collecting, sorting and recycling used fabrics. Once the garments are collected, Texaid will proceed to the reallocation as secondhand garments or, in case they are no longer suitable for reuse, as fabrics to be recycled into other materials.