Trove founder and Memorandum blogger Mary Orton.

WHY WAIT: The Fashion Group International’s Rising Star awards is still a few weeks away, but this year’s winner of the Hilldun Business Innovation Award will be Trove’s Mary Orton and Rich Scudellari.

A few years back while working on Wall Street at Deutsche Bank, Orton started the style blog Memorandum for professional women much like herself in need of where-to-work options. After switching coasts for San Francisco, she built up her Instagram followers and focused full-time to style blogging.

With the help of her husband Scudellari, she created a style blog aggregator that pulls in outfit posts from top bloggers and lets users save favorite pieces, or click to buy them. The way she saw it, fashion bloggers were creating all this professional content, but there wasn’t an ideal platform for them in terms of discovery. The affiliate link remains the same, so the relationship between the recommending blogger and the merchant stays intact. Trove helps bloggers monetize through affiliate links, gain new followers and get insight into which content resonates. Users can save items to a digital “closet,” and Trove provides corresponding analytics into elements such as how many users clicked through the images and the number of people who saved the outfit.

Hilldun’s chief executive officer Gary Wassner said Tuesday, “We all now live in a world dominated by social media and e-commerce. Yet despite this reality, our means of navigation are often disjointed and far too time-consuming. The world of images and opportunities overwhelms us. Trove helps to integrate the consumer with the brand, the influencer and the retailer. It’s a navigation tool that embraces the consumer’s fashion fantasies and unique preferences, enhances their digital experience, and provides a practical and efficient way to manage them and realize them.”

His son Cris, a vice president at factoring and finance company, was expected to name the winner at FGI’s private warm-up party Tuesday night at Saks Fifth Avenue. The group’s Rising Star awards will be held Jan. 25 at Cipriani 42nd Street.