Security outside Trump Tower.

One of these things is not like the other. “Trump Tower, Armani, Gucci Only,” reads new signage posted to New York Police Department checkpoints on Fifth Avenue.

It would appear the NYPD posted the signs after growing tired of inquiries from luxury shoppers about store closures near Trump Tower. WWD observed the posters — laden with emboldened arrows — as they abated confusion for the Alessandro Michele-crazed.

“[The signs] have been here one week, maybe two,” said a police officer posted at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Tiffany & Co. He was unable to verify if the signs had been printed by the NYPD or if they had been issued by the Trump Tower in an effort to appease its tenant, Gucci, and the neighboring Armani. Both stores are understood to be feeling the impact of reduced traffic, with passerby mitigated by security barricades.

New police signage near the Trump Tower, with Gucci's representative stationed behind barricades in a branded scarf.

The new police signage near Trump Tower, with Gucci’s representative stationed behind barricades in a branded scarf.  WWD

Tiffany’s branded barricades are still on view, with coordinating bellhops posted at the entryways. “I think it was the NYPD [who put up the signs]. They were being asked about the stores every two seconds, so it saves them a lot of breath,” said one bellhop.

Perhaps gleaning inspiration from Tiffany’s tactics, Gucci has now posted its own bellhop at the police checkpoint stationed at 56th Street — ensuring that Gucci has a friendly presence amid the more ominous scene of police officers and sharp-shooters. While easy passage is now available, police still check shoppers’ bags before entry.

Like Tiffany’s shop wranglers, this representative also wears an on-brand scarf tucked into a tailored overcoat. While Tiffany’s is robin egg blue, Gucci’s scarf is intarsia-knit with its double-G logo.

The sign's design evokes elements of streetwear fashions - making it ripe for meme adaptation.

The sign’s design evokes elements of streetwear fashions — ripe for meme adaptation.  WWD

Despite the ease of access to its New York store flagship, Gucci continues to plug away with renovations to the location — with a portion of the store’s bottom floor presently cloaked in red velvet curtains.

It is understood that Gucci pays $25 million in annual rent for its Trump Tower location. In November, the corridor of Fifth Avenue on which the store is situated was named the world’s most expensive area for retail rents.