CB2 x Trunk Club

Trunk Club and CB2 have discovered some synergies.

The personal styling service and the homewares company are both in the business of improving aesthetics, so they’ve partnered on a seasonal, multiplatform marketing campaign that will feature CB2 and Trunk Club trends throughout the year.

“We are excited to explore a deeper conversation about style and how it influences your everyday life,” said Linda Bartman, chief operating officer at Trunk Club. “Our service inspires and empowers our customers to feel confident in their clothing, and this research shows the connection between what we wear every day and how we style our home.”

At the Trunk Club Chicago Clubhouse, CB2 has built a permanent installation and the fitting room and lounge areas will be switched out each season to reflect home and fashion trends. This campaign will also include a Trunk Club and CB2 sponsored sweepstakes featuring a $500 gift card to each brand.

Leading up to this campaign launch, the brands conducted a survey analyzing how much personal style dictates interior home design. Out of a survey of 2,000 consumers, nearly 40 percent said their overall happiness would increase if their wardrobe and home’s interior were aligned.

Beyond the survey, the brands will launch a seasonal cross-channel marketing campaign showcasing CB2 and Trunk Club trends throughout the year, from how people can apply seasonal fashion trends to their home design and vice versa. Part of this campaign will feature a Trunk Club and CB2 sponsored sweepstakes featuring a $500 gift card to each brand. Most respondents said the living room and bedroom is most indicative of their personal style, while less thought offices and bathrooms reflected their style. Twenty-seven percent said marriage has the most significant impact on their style.

“Self expression is what drives our brand most here at CB2, and we’re excited to continue inspiring creativity amongst consumers through our collaboration with Trunk Club,” said Samie Barr, vice president of marketing at CB2.

CB2 has previously collaborated with The Hill-Side and Matthew Williamson on home collections.

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