OFF THE PITCH: Trussardi will create the official off-field uniforms for the 2013-14 season for the prestigious Juventus Football Club, winner of the latest national championship.

Trussardi designed and produced a wardrobe comprising an official formal blue suit customized with the team’s logo, along with a white shirt and a blue tie, and a selection of less formal garments, such as an exclusive waterproof parka made with a new type of napa leather patented for the occasion.

Trussardi, whose core business is leather goods, will also provide a set of travel accessories, including a beauty case, a garment bag and a trolley made of crespo, the iconic material launched by the brand over 30 years ago.

“Trussardi has always associated its passion for excellence with other prominent international enterprises that shared the same vision of Italian luxury: the partnership with Juventus perfectly expresses our commitment,” said Tomaso Trussardi, chief executive officer of of TRS Evolution, a Trussardi group company that produces and distributes apparel and accessory lines. He defined the Turin-based club “the most elegant and spectacular team of Italy.”

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