Tula Launches Social Media Campaign with Body Positivity Influencer Mik Zazon

Tula is continuing its mission of body positivity and empowerment through a new social media campaign.

The probiotic-based skin-care brand is launching a 30-day challenge to encourage followers to take small actions to improve their own self-confidence. Tula is continuing its relationship with body positivity influencer Mik Zazon for the campaign.

“I was actually a health and weight-loss coach and behind the scenes on social media, I was struggling with multiple eating disorders, depression and anxiety,” Zazon said. “It all came to the surface and I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. I dropped all of my sponsorships and had no income and I decided instead to take people on this journey of recovery for me, and Tula was one of the first brands to reach out to me during that whole process.”

Together, Tula and Zazon launched #EmbracingMySkin, which Zazon uses as a way to chronicle her journey with cystic acne, showing her followers that confidence doesn’t come from outward appearances.

Tula’s 30-day challenge is an extension of this, with Zazon planning to post many makeup-free selfies and videos of her dancing on her Instagram account over the next month. Each daily challenge will focus on mindfulness, self-care, wellness and nutrition such as reflecting on accomplishments, going out to eat by yourself and trying out a new workout.

The skin-care brand will also be partnering with other brands like Amika, Sunday Forever and Shadow Box, and other influencers, including Marie World, Kendra Austin and Becca Ashmon, among others, for the month-long campaign.

“When you begin to realize you are so much more than your body, you realize it doesn’t matter what your skin looks like,” Zazon continued. “You can become friends with those inner thoughts and your inner critic and you can start to walk outside without makeup on and look people in the eye and if they judge you, it’s their problem and has nothing to do with you.”

Tula’s campaign also coincides with the launch of two new products as part of it’s acne collection: Keep it Clear Acne Foam Cleanser ($34) and Go Away Spot Treatment ($20).

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