Tumi Global Locator

Tumi is putting a touch of technology into its luggage to ease the stress of traveling.

It’s a compact, wireless tracking device called the Tumi Global Locator, created in collaboration with AT&T and LugTrack, a technology company in New Jersey. The device, expected to be available for holiday selling, provides real-time data regarding the location of luggage, and can fit into any Tumi  product, or luggage from other brands for that matter. The device uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to provide specific location positioning via a mobile application to users around the world. Tumi said the device is FAA-compliant, and can shut itself off in-flight and turn itself back on upon landing, in accordance with airline policies.

Said Tumi’s chief executive officer and president, Jerome Griffith: “In today’s digital world of connected devices, smartphones and tablets, we saw a great opportunity to support consumers’ desire to remain connected to all parts of their lives, including their luggage and bags they use day to day.”

“Lost or misplaced luggage is one of the biggest complaints for travelers around the world,” added Adam Hershman, Tumi’s director of product management and licensing. “We are solving a pain point in the travel experience. When you check in your luggage, you really don’t know if it gets on the plane or not. You don’t know much of what is going on. With the Tumi device, the first thing you do is you check e-mail and text messages. A notification pops up on your cell phone that let’s you know whether your bag has made it with you on the journey, or not. At that point you open up the app, which will tell you where the bag is.”

“We are using a suite of geolocation technologies to determine the position of your luggage accurately,” Hershman added.

He described the device as “compact, very sleek with an exterior designed by Tumi, and about the size of an iPhone. It’s meant to fit into any pocket in any bag we sell.” As far as pricing, and precisely when it will be offered, both are to be determined.


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