NAME GAME: Tyler Ellis, daughter of Perry Ellis, is changing the name of her Tyler Alexandra accessories line to Tyler Ellis — in homage to her father.

The brand — which sells bags largely made of exotic skins and fur — will mark its fifth anniversary this year.

“I wanted to create a brand on my own, there were big shoes to fill and over the last five years, there has been personal and professional growth for me and I finally feel ready to embrace the last name — it feels right to me,” she said. “I hope it doesn’t confuse [consumers] but I think it’s time.”

Ellis says the brand logs approximately $500,000 in annual sales at stockists including Editorialist and Joseph.

She was quick to say that the change was not one made to capitalize on nepotism, in order to aid in the expansion of her brand.

“Totally the opposite — when I first started in fashion, I felt that I had daunting shoes to fill but have worked hard to get to where I am and it’s my name — I feel ready to own it.”