UNCOVET LAUNCHES SITE: Uncovet.com launched Tuesday and uses data analytics to map its users’ style graphs to determine what fashion trends to feature in the daily e-mail. Heather Lipner, a co-founder of the site, said the tailored shopping recommendations are based on mapping information from photos of style trends on different Web sites, likes on Facebook and even so-called blogging influencers. The site’s seed investor is co-founder Mike Jones, former chief executive officer of Myspace and founder of Science Inc., which sponsors e-commerce platforms such as Wittlebee and MeUndies. Uncovet features five to 10 fashion and home designers and brands daily. Those from the apparel world are often considered independent fashion designers. Some that have been featured include jewelry firm All for the Mountain, eco apparel firm Popomomo and handbag firm Stella 9. According to Lipner, the site also features an inner circle program where users share likes on Uncovet and can get discounts on purchases when they get friends to sign up.

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