Uniqlo’s eclectic and playful t-shirt line, UT, is celebrating its 10th anniversary a little early. Over the years, the company has created thousands of t-shirts for the line, which the company rolled out in 2003 as the “Uniqlo T-Shirt Project” before renaming it a few years later.

To celebrate UT’s first decade, the company will reissue some of its most popular styles from the past and release approximately 50 new ones for the spring season, including fresh designs featuring Hello Kitty, Kitson, Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh. UT shirts of the past, drawing on collaborations with artists, corporations and many other sources, have incorporated everything from a Japanese rubber band company’s logo to imagery from Jim Jarmusch’s films.

UT is also conducting a social media based style contest, in which contestants upload photos of themselves in UT products to a Facebook page for a chance to win $10,000.

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