NEW OUTFIT: The 36th Urban Outfitters store in Europe has opened its doors on Oxford Street in London, in the same new building as Zara’s newest London store. Set over two floors, the shop covers over 13,500 square feet and carries men’s wear, women’s wear and media.

“It’s a new building, so we had to approach it completely differently,” said creative director Stephen Briars. “It was lacking the usual character of previous Urban Outfitters stores, where everything is very exposed. We have left everything on display behind glass. You can see all the air-conditioning vents, the machines in the shoe stock room at work, the cash desks are all glass so you can see the cabling of the registers. And the guys who make the furniture are working in the shop behind glass.”

This store, at 490 Oxford Street, will be the seventh London store since it launched in the U.K in 1998, and there’s an eighth planed to open in Camden in July.

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