PLAYING SHOP: “It’s become somewhat of a tradition,” said Vanessa Seward of her plan to spend a day with her customers in her newly opened boutique in the Marais, her second in the Paris capital.

“I’m quite shy, so it’s not an easy undertaking, but I think it’s a good tradition. This way I can get to know the sales team and they can get to know me. It also brings me back to reality,” said the designer, slated to “play shop assistant” on Feb. 11. “The last time we did this was also before the shows — in September, and I found it was a good way to decompress. Your worst enemy is your own ego. And this is the best way to understand that in the end it’s about the customer,” Seward noted, adding that the move was inspired by her mentor, the late Loris Azzaro, who used to spend entire days in his stores. “It was what he liked the most,” she noted.

The 800-square-foot venue at 7 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire precedes the opening of the label’s first Los Angeles shop on Melrose Place this summer and another Paris unit on the capital’s Left Bank in early fall.

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