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RAD SHADES: “When I create something, it’s always related to what I need to have myself,” said designer Rad Hourani. His search for the ideal sunglasses coincided with a pitch from Berlin-based techno-influenced eyewear company Vava, and the result is a set of limited-edition shades. The two brands have a shared vision of unisex modern minimalism created with responsible design, that functions as conscious luxury.

“Rad frames the world with his post-industrial view of the future,” explained Vava founder Pedro da Silva, praising the Canadian designer for his work’s purity and discretion.

Hourani was in the German capital last week for the launch of the eyewear collaboration, which was also the kick off for his exhibition of photography-based art pieces inspired by vision and protection, called “Eye,” which closed Tuesday.

Vava|Rad Hourani sunglasses come in one shape and three colors — dark blue, glossy black and matte black. Each colorway is limited to 200 pieces. The model features Vava’s signature flat lenses and aluminum cube hinges. They will be available for order on Hourani’s web site at the end of the July. “I’ve always liked this idea of having not to wait for the product more than one month to be available,” said Hourani, noting he implemented this system for his own designs six years ago.

Vava’s environmental and production credentials were also key to the harmony between the brands, he told WWD. “The idea of having very high quality lens — and eco-friendly 100 percent recyclable object is very interesting for me,” Hourani said.  “And it’s handmade in Italy where people are well treated and well paid. For me this is real luxury — if you do something that has an identity, quality of craftsmanship and a human, intelligent planetary cost.”