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The Verdura and Belperron company is set to return to the Netherlands for the TEFAF Maastricht fair.

The brands made their joint debut at the event last year. This year’s fair will occur from March 10 to 19.

New and vintage jewelry will be displayed, this time focused on the Thirties and Forties eras. Verdura’s lots will particularly home in on the “Out of this World” collection, which focuses on an expanded range of designs created in collaboration with Salvador Dalí.

“This collaboration explored themes of love, loss and faith amidst the atrocity and devastation of World War II,” the company said.

Said Verdura and Belperron president Nico Landrigan: “[The fair] is like walking through a museum for sale and to get to participate in that show is a great honor. It is not just the fair, but who goes to the fair is jaw-dropping — to see who is there. They are not there to see-and-be-seen like some social events. They are there because they don’t want to miss great treasures that have just been discovered or made, they are connoisseurs. It really attracts the great collectors of the world.”